!! Rovan/Bartolone Modified 45cc Engine AKA BROVAN 45cc Baja Reed Case 4-Bolt Gas 2 Stroke Engine !!


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Bartolone/Rovan AKA BROVAN 45cc 2 Stroke Gas 4 Bolt Engine For HPI Baja, Rovan and King Motor Baja Buggies and Trucks
MPN: RV810221

Bartolone Racing 45cc Reed Case Rovan Motor

Take your racing to the NEXT LEVEL!
The New Bartolone Rovan 45cc Reed Case is built on our custom CNC’d reed case with original clutch housing and includes a genuine Rovan piston that has been windowed.
For the ultimate in power and consistency the cylinder is machined on a 5-axis CNC to ensure that the transfer ports exactly match the Bartolone  Racing Reed case.
The exhaust port also gets the full CNC treatment.
High quality bearings and reed petals finish off the build.
Every Bartolone Racing engine is built and checked by Chris to his high standards. Each engine is checked for proper squish clearance to ensure that your engine provides maximum performance and reliability.
  1. Bartolone Racing 45cc Billet Reed Case
  2. Precision 5-Axis CNC ported Cylinder
  3. Windowed Piston
  4. High Quality bearings and Reed Petals
  5. Low Profile Reed Block for the most clearance in vehicles
  6. Professionally Assembled by Chris Bartolone
  7. Every motor is checked for proper squish clearance.
  8. Compression is set for maximum performance and reliability.
  9. Huge power gain over stock Rovan 45cc engine
Note: DO NOT USE A PISTON STOP with this motor. Damage can be caused to the piston. For any engine and clutch maintenance we recommend using the Bartolone Multi-purpose engine wrench.

Can fit¬†many 1/5 Scale RC vehicles like HPI, LOSI, FG Rovan King Motor, Red-Cat etc…

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