Walbro 813 Performance Carburetor w/ Air Filter


Includes Baja Air Filter assembly with built-in on/off choke switch

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Walbro 813 High Performance (choke-less) Carburetor with Custom Baja Air filter with Choke.

MPN: 85279

  • Will fit 23cc-38cc RC engines
  • This kit lets you upgrade your Baja to the High Performance Walbro 813 (choke-less) carb and still have a choke for easy cold starting.
  • Baja Air Filter assembly with built in on/off choke switch
  • Walbro WT-813 high performance carburetor
  • 15.88mm bore, 13.5mm venturi
  • Independent tune-able high and low speed jets
  • Mounting hardware and gaskets included
  • Butterfly style choke built into the air filter
  • Ready to bolt right on with hardware, gaskets included

Fits Vehicle Types

  • 1/5 Scale King Motor, Rovan, HPI 2WD Buggy
  • 1/5 Scale King Motor, Rovan, HPI 2WD Truck
  • 1/5 Scale King Motor T2000 4WD Truck
  • 1/5 Scale Primal Dragster

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